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Project Brief

North Lurgan and Drumgask website and app project covers a key area within the Armagh, Banbridge, Craigavon District Council. North Lurgan and Drumgask Health and Wellbeing programme – providing support and assistance for your health and wellbeing needs. Core goals for NL&D Wellbeing is to encourage and engagement with their local community mental health directory that can accessed by means o to the local community.

The team at GaryMac Design undertook a harmonious approach by creating a bright and positive colour palette that helps with the accessibility and simplicity of the website and ISO/Android App. These natural tones grab attention and help communicate key messages within the digital design (on-screen). Supportive icons convey mental health thoughts and feelings. A modern typeface relays impression through its appearance. The main headline font improves legibility and readability. The bold letters signifying interest and attention, similar to how we captivate the conversation of mental health.

My Approach

NL&D Wellbeing wish to encourage and engagement with their local community. Showcase people in the comfortable chat environments to instil feelings of calm and relaxation. Images should feature a diverse range of people that feel authentic and don’t look like professional models. Images should not be taken head-on or staged, although they should adhere to professional photography standards for quality and composition.